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MaintainerBeatrice Carmichael
DescriptionThis soundpack is a modified version of a modified version of a soundpack for tt++. I use this sound pack on my mac, so I'd say it's best used there as it's name might suggest.
Because this sound pack is my personal sound pack, I will be working on it when I have the time or, quite bluntly, when I feel like it.
If you need help setting it up, instructions can be found in the readme which is located inside of the folder. If you do not understand this document, please send a comm to Beatrice or post in the ooc/sound pack message board, putting somewhre in the subject Macriani. I don't often check the boards though so sending me a message to my lore or comm is best.
Also, you'll need to install the Oliver voice to get avitar ship announcements. Eventually maybe I'll make a variable so that you can pick whatever voice you want to use, but again, time...RL life...enough said.
This sound pack is not customizable much by the player. This isn't an alteraeon soundpack or VIP, so please don't bug me to make it liek your best friend's cousin's friend's sister's cool mush or vip pack. For one, I don't have the time, and for two I'm not that awesome of a pack developer yet. Just enjoy what there is, appreciate the time I put in to heavily modify this pack and tweek it if you so desire.
If you do wish to help me work on this pack, send me a message on my lore or via com, and let's work something out.
I apologize if this is a bit scrambled, but I thank you for your interest in the pack. Happy flying.
PS, this pack isn't just used for Miriani. I've got some global aliases for creating a world list, connecting to a world, switching worlds, etc, so hopefully they can help you with multiple muds as they have helped me.
Supported Clientstt++