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who [aie | commonwealth | hale | organization | newbies | unidle | courier | out of comms | out of local | -ools | <person>]

Displays a listing of connected players. If used with no arguments, it will display a player's name, alliance, and out of local/out of comms status. An asterisk (*) indicates that a player is out of communications range, meaning they cannot be contacted at all. A caret (^) indicates that the player is out of local space, meaning they are available for communication but they are physically too far away to interact much with.

The @who-record command allows you to view the record number of players connected at the same time.

The @WHO-STATS command displays a graph detailing connection metrics for the last 24 hours. Adding the 'small' argument will split the size of the graph in half. Using the 'text' argument (can be shortened to 't') will display a textual representation of recent player connection statistics.

Optional Arguments:
AIE - Displays connected members of the Alliance of Interstellar Expansionists.
Commonwealth - Displays connected members of the Commonwealth of Free Spirits.
Hale - Displays connected members of the Hale Collective.
Organization - Displays connected members of your private organization, if you happen to be a member of one. This can be abbreviated to 'org'.
Courier - Typing who courier will tell you what members are awake in your courier company.
Newbies - Displays connected newbies.
Unidle - Displays how many of the total connected players have been active within the past 30 minutes.
Out of Comms - Displays only connected players who are out of communications range. This can be abbreviated to 'ooc'.
Out of local - Displays only connected players who are out of local space. This can be abbreviated to 'ool'.
-ools - Displays only connected players who are in local space. (Note the dash before ools.)
<person> - Typing a player name after who will indicate to you whether or not that player is awake as well as what their gender is

>who Rory Fleemco
Rory Fleemco (A) (Male) is asleep!

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