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Whittling is the art of carving something out of a chunk of wood. While it's not something that can be mastered overnight in the real world, suspension of disbelief is needed for our purposes. With the proper tools, you, too, can become a master whittler in mere moments.

What You'll Need

You will need the following to begin your journey as a master whittler:

* A pocket knife
* A whetstone
* Sandpaper
* A piece of wood

Optional supplies:

* A can of stain
* A can of varnish
* A sponge brush
* A stain rag

How It Works

First, you'll need to ensure that your knife is open. You can't whittle if it isn't, so this is a very important step. Now that your knife is open and you have your piece of wood in hand, type WHITTLE <wood> WITH <knife>. You will be taken through a series of prompts. First will be to choose a size. Next, you'll need a title for your project. So you'd type something like a mouse. Do not include a period at the end of the title. Next, it's time to detail your project. This is a multi-line edit field, so be as detailed as you like! Just remember to be mindful about proper spelling, punctuation and capitalization. Once you've entered in a description, the MOO will handle the rest of the work. Note that your knife will lose sharpness after every project. You can sharpen it with a whetstone. With knife and whetstone in hand, type SHARPEN <knife> ON <whetstone>.

Finishing Your Project

Now that you've carved something, you may wish to give it a bit of color and professional finish. This is where sandpaper stain and varnish come in to play. Before you can stain and/or varnish, you will need to sand your project. With your project and sandpaper in hand, SAND <project> WITH <sandpaper>. It's time to optionally stain and/or varnish. You'll need to OPEN your can of choice. Keep in mind, you can stain and then varnish or just varnish. Staining after varnishing is not possible, so make sure you're satisfied with your work before applying the final touches. For stain, you will need staining rags. DIP <rag> IN <stain> and then STAIN <project> WITH <rag>. Similarly, you will need sponge brushes for varnish. DIP <brush> IN <varnish> and then VARNISH <project> WITH <brush>. At any point, you may ENTITLE and SIGN <project> once it has been whittled.

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