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Tradesman Object Permissions

Tradesman objects can be very time-consuming to create, often involving hours of unique creative work. It can be unsettling when you've worked so hard to create an item only to find that somebody else has created an exact duplicate without your consent. For this reason, controls exist that allow you to lock your unique tradesman items and prevent other people from creating exact duplicates.

The TRADESMAN-OPTIONS command will allow you to configure the permissions on the items you own. This command allows you to configure two things: A global permission and more fine-grained per-item lockouts.

Global: The global setting will apply to all of your current and future tradesman items that do not have a custom setting applied. This is the setting that gets used when no other setting can be found.
Per-Object: You can override the global setting on a per-object basis. The menu allows you to select the object you want to configure and then presents you with three choices: Allow, Deny, and Global. When you choose allow, anybody can duplicate that object. Similarly, with deny, nobody can duplicate that object. Both of these options will supercede the global setting. Finally, you can choose global. This will reset the individual object's setting and cause it to revert back to being controlled by your global setting.

There are some exceptions to the control exercised by the TRADESMAN-OPTIONS command. If your tradesman object is a general-purpose object (or what we might refer to as a 'generic'), it's understood that there will be children created that mimic its behavior. Objects like this may be things like slime launchers, scent pellets, squirtguns, etc. Typically only the behavior of those objects is copied and not any specific creative work. For instance, you may have created the first scent pellet. We would use your pellet as a template for future pellets (e.g. the behavior of throwing a pellet and having it infest another player with a foul smell). What it does not copy, however, would be custom scents that may have been applied.

Also, unfortunately, these controls can only be applied to automatic systems (such as an object duplication lab) and host commands. There is very little we can do if somebody manually reconstructs your object in a tradesman request. Your best bet in that instance would be to ASSIST.

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