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There are some things thrown around in day-to-day conversation that may be confusing to a newcomer. This short list should help you decipher things:

Host - A host is a game administrator. They are out of character entities responsible for maintaining the game.

Traceback - A traceback is commonly used to refer to an error in the game's code, though that's not technically what it means.

HG and HGC - Highguard and High Guard Command.

OOL or OOLS - Out of local space.

Mod - Moderate combat mission.

Diff - Difficult combat mission.

IC - In Character

OOC - Out of character or, if said on an in-character channel, out of communication's range.

Rolu - Rolukssica (a moon housing the Alliance High Guard Command)

VG - Vanguard (a starship class)

GS - Gunship

BC - Battlecruiser

Expi - Expediter

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