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Starship Simulators

Starship simulators allow you to put yourself in a customizable ship in a simulated sector that you can configure. Through a holographic avatar of yourself, the simulator allows a player to explore nearly any ship of their choosing in various sector configurations also of their choosing.

Once you purchase a starship simulator from any starship simulator store, which are most commonly found on capital planets, you should BOLT it down and USE the simulator to begin configuring your starship.

Most standard hull designs are available to be simulated. For those that are unavailable, the simulator provides you with the option of importing an existing ship into the database. To do this, ensure that the simulator is BOLTed in the ship that you wish to import. Then, from the main menu, choose to add a new starship. When prompted for which hull design to use, choose the option to "Import Current Starship".

Once you have chosen the hull design you wish to have, you can then enter a name. Next, the simulator will ask you to choose a team. The colors listed are used for the purposes of multi-player combat within the simulator. Once you have chosen a team, you will then be asked if you wish to configure the starships upgrades. If you say no, you will be placed directly in your starship in a simulated empty sector. If you say yes, a list of upgrades will appear for you to customize however you wish.

There are several options on the simulator itself which allow you to configure your sector. You may create a starship, add enemy combat drones to your sector which will fire upon your starship, configure your sector, pause your simulation, or reset the simulator entirely. Note that this last option will erase your sector and starship.

Adding Combat Drones
You can add up to 20 enemy drones to your sector. These drones will fire on any starship in the sector, allowing you to practice combat in a simulated environment without any actual danger to property or self.

Configuring the sector
This menu allows you to add objects, remove objects, or clear all objects from your sector. You may also adjust the sensor interference in your sector. Sensor interference will cause the starmap to output false and random data.

Commands to Know
All the normal commands used in real starships are also valid inside the simulator. Also note that your avatar is naked and thus, not wearing a communicator or other devices. You are able to speak on the newbie channel while inside the simulator.

RECHARGE: Recharges your ships battery if it should run low.
RELOAD: Reloads your ships cannons if it has any.
PAUSE: Halts the simulation until you choose you UNPAUSE.
OBSERVER: Converts your starship into an observer that drones will not attack.
END: Terminates the simulation.

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