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Starship Retrofit Facility

A starship retrofit facility is a permanent structure that allows upgrades to be installed on a starship from the asteroid's surface. This file assumes you've already constructed a retrofit facility. If that's not the case, please see HELP STARSHIP RETROFIT CONSTRUCTION FACILITY.

USE: Allows you to begin/abort a retrofit, view available, upgrades, and enable/disable the landing beacon.
STATUS <RETROFIT>: Displays status information, including what ship is being upgraded, what upgrade is being installed, when the installation began, and a rough estimate of how long it will take to complete the upgrade under ideal circumstances.

USE the RETROFIT facility and choose the option to retrofit a starship. The ship you want to retrofit must be landed at the same coordinates as the facility.

Miscellaneous Notes
* The starship being upgraded will be put into "maintenance mode", meaning most ship functions will be offline for the duration of the upgrade.
* If the upgrade should fail or be aborted, the upgrade will be lost.

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