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Starship Retrofit Construction Facility

A starship retrofit construction facility allows you to construct a starship retrofit facility on an asteroid's surface.

* An asteroid rover to deploy the facility.
* One or more droids.

USE: Allows you to assign a destination for the finished product as well as assigning and relieving droids.
STATUS <facility>: Displays a report of the facilities current progress.
REQUIREMENTS <facility>: Displays a list of the required materials to build a single chunk. Can be shortened to REQ.
CARGO <facility>: Displays a list of what the facility currently contains.

Special Droid Commands
DELIVER: Instructs a droid to make another delivery attempt if it's carrying a chunk. This command is typically never used, but is useful if something goes wrong with the first delivery attempt. If a chunk delivery fails for too long, the entire project will be automatically scrapped.

Once the facility is deployed, you'll want to select a site to begin building the actual retrofit facility. This site can be located at any set of valid coordinates on the asteroid, provided those coordinates aren't occupied by any other piece of mining equipment. It's wise, however, to choose a location close to the retrofit construction facility to minimize transit time. To set a site, type USE FACILITY and select option 1 to change the destination.

The next thing you'll want to do is assign one or more droids to the facility. When the facility completes building a chunk, it will require a droid to deliver that chunk to the destination site and begin integrating it into the final product. The facility is capable of storing only so many completed chunks before it's full. You can see how many chunks have been queued for delivery by viewing the STATUS. It's important to note that all other droid functions will be superceded by the delivery task. To assign a droid, type USE FACILITY and choose option 2, assign droid. To restore a droid to normal function, choose option 3, relieve droid.

Once you have everything assigned, you'll want to begin transferring the raw materials to the facility. This is accomplished by ATTACHing a length of tubing to both the facility and an asteroid rover. Type TRANSFER in the rover's control room to begin the material transfer.

Once the requirements are met, the facility will begin constructing "chunks". Chunks are small building blocks that are used in the construction of a larger, more complex project. You can view the STATUS of the facility to see how many chunks have been completed and if the facility is currently working or not.

Miscellaneous Notes
* The facility will draw enough power to complete a chunk when it begins working. This means that if your reactor suddenly stops supplying power, the facility will still be able to complete the chunk that it's working on. However, be aware that a reactor explosion could still potentially damage or destroy the facility. Always keep your reactor maintained.
* This facility can be loaded into a rover. The retrofit facility that it constructs, however, is a permanent structure.

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