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STARMAP [basic | legend | map | coords]

The starmap allows you to see everything that is in the current sector. With no arguments, you will see the sector name and who owns it, your galactic coordinates, the actual map, a rundown of starships in the sector, a rundown of objects in the sector, and your current coordinates. Sometimes this is more information than you actually need. For these times, you can type STARMAP BASIC (or SM B) to get only the map and sector title. If you only wish to see the map with no listing of the ships or objects in the sector, you can type STARMAP MAP (or SM M).

To forego the entire visual map and only see a coordinate listing, you can use the SM COORDS command (or SM CO).

For an explanation of the symbols on the starmap, you can type STARMAP LEGEND (or SM HELP) to see what the symbols on the map are associated with.

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