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Solar Panels

Land-based solar panels can be constructed on an asteroid using a solar panel construction facility. When used in conjunction with a recharging platform (which can, as the name implied, be constructed on an asteroid with a recharging platform construction facility), one or more starships can be slowly recharged on the surface of an asteroid while mining operations are underway.

Each recharging platform has connectors for up to four solar panels. The more solar panels you attach to the platform, the more total power is generated. You can see how much power is being generated, as well as how many starships are consuming that power, by attaching a diagnostic device to a recharging platform.

With constant exposure, solar panels may occasionally get particulates or other filth on their glass. The dirtier the panel is, the less power it's able to produce. You can check a solar panel's efficiency with a diagnostic device. When a solar panel is not performing at peak efficiency, you'll want to clean it. For very small jobs, a brush will suffice. However, if you want to get a lot of cleaning done in a hurry, you'll want to purchase solar panel cleaning gel. Simply squeeze some on, smear it around, and squeegee it off.

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