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What is roleplay?

To us, roleplay is just what it sounds like: playing a role. You may be familiar with games where you play your role by emoting actions to the room and writing interesting, descriptive papers about your character. This is fine and definitely has its place, but it is not the primary method of roleplaying on Toastsoft games.

In Toastsoft games, the majority of actions are hardcoded into the game. If somebody does something to make you angry, you track them down using in-game systems and you attack them using whatever combat system is available to you. In other games you may emote an action that you've done to them and roll dice to determine the effect. In our games, the emoting and dice rolling are handled by the game.

So how does one define their character if not through emoting? Through your actions. You define you by the way you act and speak. If you want your character to be a ruthless bounty hunter, you ruthlessly bounty hunt through the systems programmed into the game. You don't just say that you're a ruthless bounty hunter and assume it's true. You have to back it up through in-game action. Just like in the real world, the way you act and the things you do are what define you. And much like in the real world, if you say things about yourself that don't fit into the context of the universe, people will know it's not true.

Hopefully this helps to clarify our stance on roleplaying. You're welcome to emote actions that fit into the game universe and make sense. But the majority of common actions are already programmed into the game and, if you don't use them, they will be used against you. Emote-style roleplay won't help when somebody uses hardcoded systems against you.

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