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Robotics Lab Menu Dumps

Advanced users may choose to write food robot menus out by hand and import them directly. This document will outline the basic format and attributes that constitute a valid menu. Savvy users may note that this format is identical to what is output in the 'Dump Full Menu' option in the robotics lab. In fact, the best way to edit a menu is to first dump it, make your alterations, and then import from there. Note that the tabs are optional.

Required Attributes
The majority of menu options are prefixed with an identifier followed by a colon and a value. The majority of these identifier are self-descriptive, but here's a brief rundown anyway:

Menu Header: Header Name (string)
Menu Name: Name of Item in Menu (string)
Type: (Food, Drink, Multislice, Drink Bottle, Drink Mix, Food Spread, Baby Food, Baby Drink)
Object Name: Name of Physical Object (string)
Object Description: String Description (string)

Optional Properties
Additionally, some menu items may have special properties that can be set. These share the same format of 'Identifier: Value'. Here is a possible rundown of special properties. Note that not all properties apply to all types of foods and drinks.

Bites: Number of bites in a food (integer)
Sips: How many sips in a drink (integer)
Plate: Name of plate (string)
Food: The name of the food item on the plate (string)
Container: The name of a drink's container (string)
Spread: The name of a spread (string)
Uses: The number of times a spread can be used (integer)
Alcohol: The alcohol content (string) (Light, Moderate, Heavy, Blood Replaced By Alcohol)

Multi-slices have the following extra options:
Slices: The number of slices that come out of the multi-slice (integer)
Parent: The type that comes out of the multi-slice (Food or Drink)
Slice: The name of the slice that comes out (string)

If the object has options to choose from, they directly follow the list of attributes. Each option name should be followed by a colon and each option should be on a separate line. For example, a color list:


Basic Example
Menu Header: Desserts
Menu Name: Basic Chocolate Cake
Type: Multislice
Object Name: a basic chocolate cake %frosting
Object Description: This is a very basic chocolate sheet cake.
Slice: a slice of chocolate cake with %frosting
Parent: Food

with chocolate frosting
topped with chocolate whipped cream

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