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Starships are advanced pieces of technology. They rely on immensely complex and powerful computing and power systems to drive their varying capabilities. While these resources are well-tuned by the factory, certain enterprising young engineers may wish to alter the balance of those systems to gain more performance for the tasks they hope to accomplish with their individual ship. In comes the resource transfer grid!

REROUTE: Select the system you want to route resources to, and then the system you want to route resources from.
ENGINEERING: Displays what components are affected when a resource transfer is in progress.

Over-allocation: When you allocate additional resources to propulsion systems, it causes various drives to take less time to recharge. The more resources you give the propulsion systems, the faster your drives will recharge.

Under-allocation: When you starve the propulsion systems of resources, your various drives will take longer to recharge. The more you take away, the longer it takes them to recharge. If you take too many resources away, they may not operate at all. Your relativity drive may also suffer unintended consequences if too many resources are held from it.

Over-allocation: The damage potential of the laser turrets increases marginally with each percentage over standard. However, this comes at a price: The turrets were not designed for that kind of energy expendature and may take small amounts of damage each time you use them. The more power you give them, the greater the risk of damage being sustained, but also the greater the damage done to an opposing vessel.

Under-allocation: The laser turrets will use less of the ship's charge to fire. Their potential to damage enemy vessels is reduced depending on the amount of resources taken away from the weapon systems.

At present, bardenium cannons are unaffected by additional resources, as the bulk of their damage potential lies in the ammunition.

Damage Control
Over-allocation: Your repair drones will be able to conduct repairs much more quickly. However, if you overdo it, the drones may temporarily seize up and take longer to conduct repairs than they ordinarily would have.

Under-allocation: Your repair drones slow down, taking longer to repair components.

Reallocating resources is not without risk. If you push components too far, they may stop working, become damaged, or behave unexpectedly when you least want them to. It's generally advised to stay at or below a 30% over-allocation, but you should feel free to experiment to see what works best for you and your ship.

It's also important to realize that reallocating resources is not instantaneous. It will take some time for the computer to make the necessary adjustments, so this is something you should do before entering a dangerous situation that may require the use of a system being modified. Also be aware that, during the modification, the systems in question may not function at all until the modification is complete.

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