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Are you angry with the state of the game? Upset with life? Do you need a break from Miriani to concentrate on what is sure to be an otherwise fruitful career in used car sales? If the answer to any of these is a firm, resounding yes, then the RAGELOCKOUT command is for you. Just type RAGELOCKOUT and you will be prompted for a reasoning (which is strictly for record keeping, we promise), and a time interval ranging from half an hour to six weeks. So go forth! Be productive! Tell your friends about this glorious command, and maybe one day, you, too, will have joined the ranks of the happy (or maybe not-so-happy) RAGELOCKOUTers.
*** WARNING *** Much like RAGEQUIT, once you have locked yourself out of the game in a fit of rage, it cannot be undone. So do be sure you wish to remove yourself from Miriani. Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back. P.S. We won't actually send refunds. Sorry.

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