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Push Pulses

Push pulses are proximity weapons that will push a starship when it impacts them.

When you attempt to ram your ship into a push pulse, or fire upon it, you will trigger it. When a push pulse is triggered, it uses up a stored charge to generate a directional pressure wave directly towards the ship that triggered it, shoving it one unit away from its previous position.

Normally, a push pulse will not cause any damage to your ship. Be aware that, if a push pulse shoves you into a piece of debris, a blockade or another proximity weapon, your ship will collide with it and take a small amount of hull damage. The object will also be destroyed. However, in some cases, colliding with something would be fatal! Such as a planet, or a star, or out of the sector bounds. So how does your ship handle this? Why, it fights back! It will fire its engines as hard as possible to resist movement by the pulse, which actually causes a pretty large amount of hull damage. So beware of that.

So what are the uses of it, you may be asking? Well!
- Try to push a ship into a planet to give it a decent amount of hull damage and turn the tides of battle in your favour.
- Deter people from trying to attack your blockades.
- Deter people from trying to attack you.
- Protect grandma at the bottom of the stairs.
- Just be a jerk to people you don't like.

As it is a proximity weapon, it is subject to the limit of 50 prox weapons per sector, so launch them wisely!

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