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Pulse Emitters

Pulse emitters are small portable devices that emit an electromagnetic pulse. They are designed to be used against droids, drones, internal stun turrets, starship external PA systems, and other technologies that may be used against you.

Pulse emitters are powered by energy packs that are sold in the same area you bought your pulse emitter.

Drawing And Holstering:
To draw your pulse emitter from an accompanying clip, type PDRAW. If you have multiple clips, you can append a number to the command. So to draw a pulse emitter from the third clip on your person, you could type PDRAW 3. To holster, you can type PHOLSTER. This will make you slide your pulse emitter into the first available clip.

In order to load your pulse emitter, you must be holding both a pulse emitter and a single energy pack. Once you have them both, you simply type LOAD EMITTER or LOAD PACK.

Note: If you have a pack of more than one energy pack, you must first load them all into an ammunition storage container and then unload a single pack from the container.

Simply type SHOOT <target>

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