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Proprietary Sensor Blob

The Hale Proprietary Sensor Blob is a patch to a starship's operating system that allows it to gather information about a specific type of Praelor vessel. To get the additional reward, you should get a scan of a Praelor Trajrrk from one unit away both while it's cloaked and while it's uncloaked.

The following text is quoted from the Galactic News and may shed additional light on the subject:

With the emergence of the newest Praelor vessel, known only as a Praelor Trajrrk, High Guard Command has been scrambling for any information that could lead to countering this new threat.

The Trajrrk, first encountered early last week by civilian pilot Kylar Knight, appears to have the ability to disguise itself as a piece of ordinary debris. More disturbing, it also appears to have the ability to fool sensors into believing that other objects are debris. Several reports have confirmed that these ships immediately hide the jumpgate to human space when a human starship enters, leading to speculation that the Praelor may seek to disrupt the ability of the High Guard to deploy and maintain jumpgates into enemy territory.

With such a dangerous new advantage, it appears that the Alliance High Guard has teamed up with the Hale Collective to develop methods of detecting these ships. As reported previously, the Praelor have come into possession of specialty technology developed by the Hale. While their previous position has been to deny all knowledge, the Hale Collective has finally spoken up about their specialty technology and confirmed that it deals with the concealment of starships and "other objects" from ship sensors.

While there have yet to be any breakthroughs between the High Guard and the Hale, the research group responsible for the project has put out a software patch that they say will gather valuable information about the Praelor's adaptation of the technology. Civilian pilots are encouraged to install this update (a small installation fee may apply) to assist in the research. High Guard Command has announced that they are willing to increase the mission reward for ships that gather reliable scans. According to Denise Bensby, scanning is as simple as getting within one unit of the Praelor ship and performing an ordinary sensor scan. In order to qualify for the extra reward, High Guard Command requires one one-unit scan while the ship is cloaked and one one-unit scan while the ship is not cloaked. The patch is available to all pilots on Saturn in a makeshift research facility.

When prompted, representatives from both High Guard Command and the Hale Collective declined to comment with further details about this new ship or, indeed, any further information regarding the situation.

Gabriel Ivanova
Junior Reporter

Dated: 06/23/2362

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