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Private Organizations

Unlike alliances, private organizations are small, player-owned groups that have whatever agenda the player wants. Creating a private organization can be done on Pax and costs 100 million credits.

* Private communication channel. Using TR ORG <message> will allow you to communicate with your organization members.
* Private message board category. You can add several custom subcategories from your organization's control menu.
* Private meeting room on Pax. Just type GO in the Private Organization Center. Owners can bolt things in their meeting room.
* Snazzy vests on creation!
* Ability to add "mutually owned starships", which allows any organization member to create a key to any organization ship at any time. It also allows you to "tag" org ships which will display your organization name in scans.
* Org owners can set a "tithe", which is a percentage of all member income that will go straight to the org.

Other Information:
Only org administrators (which the owner and other admin can set) are able to withdraw funds and set tithe, but anybody can randomly donate funds or see how much is available. Private private organizations (that is to say a private organization with the status set to private rather than public) cannot be joined without an invitation, nor can any information about them be seen from the public.

Pneumatic Tubes:
You can purchase pneumatic tube access from the convenience center. This will link your private organization meeting room to the system on Pax. What does this get you? From any docking bay, you'll be able to type TUBE and be instantly whisked away to your meeting room. Be advised, however, that your group will not fit in the tube with you.

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