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Praelor Dampening Device Launcher

This upgrade allows a battlecruiser to carry and launch Praelor dampening devices. These devices are designed to emit special energy pulses that only target Praelor starships in the sector. Once a dampening device has been deployed in space, it will disrupt and slow down movement and weapon functionality on all Praelor starships in the sector.
A battlecruiser can carry a maximum of 2 dampening devices, and each device comes with 3 hours of charge. However, the rate at which it burns power depends on the number of Praelor ships in the sector.
From the control room, you can deploy a dampening device by typing DAMPEN. Be aware that only one dampening device can be active in a sector at any given time. The launcher will prevent you from launching a device if another device is already present in the sector. Once a device runs out of power, it will automatically self destruct.

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