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Piloting Bonus

Piloting bonuses are given to the pilot of a mission for exceptional evasive maneuvers during a High Guard combat mission.

How much do I get paid?
The value of the bonus is mission dependant.

How do I get my piloting bonus?
You get a piloting bonus for actually evading enemy ships. If you sit in one spot the entire mission, cannons chugging, nobody will receive a bonus. Likewise, if you simply fly around the sector after completing the mission, you won't receive a bonus. You MUST actively evade enemy starships to be recognized for exceptional flying abilities.

Hey, I didn't get a piloting bonus!
You probably didn't evade enough. If you don't do much piloting, there is little reason to give you a bonus for exceptional flying ability. Completing a mission in record time has more to do with your weapon operators than the pilot. It's rare for an experienced player to receive a piloting bonus in an easy mission.

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