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OOC Warnings

OOC warnings occur when you are caught exhibiting out of character behaviors in inappropriate places. (For more, see POLICY 4)

Each warning you receive will come with additional consequences. The first warning is just that: a warning. Additional warnings begin to come with stun time to give you time to read and reflect on the policy. Your warnings will also come with reasons that you received them. We suggest reading them!

If you have more than one OOC warning, your stun time is one less than your number of warnings times five plus thirty. So three warnings is 40 seconds. If you have more than four warnings it is thirty seconds times one less than your number of OOC warnings times fives times three. And if it's over six, it's thirty seconds times one less than your number of OOC warnings times five times three times two. (Explanation courtesy of Merugle!)

You will begin to lose points on your third OOC warning, when you will lose 5 points. Your next OOC warning, number four, will cause a 10 point loss. The fifth warning will be 15 points. Each warning will add five more points lost to the last amount. There is no cap, so it's suggested that you try to control out of character outbursts!

When you receive an OOC warnings, do not discuss it in the same place you were speaking to get the warning in the first place. If you feel it was unjustly given, ASSIST and speak with a host. Do not continue to be out of character UNLESS it's with a host present.

At no point will you be banned from the game for receiving a certain number of OOC warnings.

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