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Navigational Information Retention Program

What is it?
The Navigational Information Retention Program (NIRP) is a piece of software that is installed onto a starship's galactic map unit, augmenting it to allow for galactic coordinate logging and tracking.

How does it work?
Once installed, the interface is accessible with the GMU command. Alternatively, one can use the GCTRACKING command, abbreviated down to GCT for the lazy. This will present you with a menu containing a series of straightforward items: Calculate to coordinates, view points of interest, and options. Calculate to coordinates will calculate the direction and distance of a provided set of galactic coordinates relative to the ship's current position. View points of interest will present you with a menu of saved destinations and the option to add more or clear all stored data. Once a destination has been selected, you can choose to calculate the relative distance, view the closest navigational beacon, track, rename, or delete; tracking is explained later. Options configures how information is displayed or delivered.
If you wish to calculate the direction of a set of galactic coordinates without adding a destination, you can also provide them as an argument. For example:
> GMU 1, 2, 3
The destination coordinates lie 13999 sectors west, 13998 sectors north, and 14997 sectors up.

Tracking Destinations
Tracking a specific destination can be done once you've selected a point of interest. You will be prompted to choose how often you wish to receive alerts. Alerts range in time from one minute to two hours and will be announced through the starship's computer. The system will also alert you once you've reached your target destination.

Transferring your saved data
If you wish to keep an up-to-date list of galactic destinations across all of your starships, it can be easily accomplished. First, ensure that the starships have the NIRP upgrade installed on them. You may then USE a sensor profiler to either upload a grouping of destinations to the ship's computer or download the current stored destinations into a new profile onto the device itself. Once a saved profile is present for destinations, simply choose the option to upload the one you want. You will then be presented with the option to replace the current destination list or append. If you choose to append, any duplicate destinations (by name, not galactic coordinates) will be skipped and any others will be added to the journal.

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