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NAVI Options

The NAVI-OPTIONS command is available from the control room if the starship has a NAVI unit installed. Depending on which upgrades and drives the ship is equipped with, the following options may be present:

Sector Exit Efficiency
This option toggles whether NAVI or GATE will interrupt autopilot whenever an opportunity to leave a sector in the specified direction is detected. In standard mode, autopilot will typically move the ship to a specific set of coordinates that corresponds to the chosen vector before it navigates to the next sector. In optimized mode, the starship will navigate to the next sector as soon as possible.
For example, in optimized mode, if the ship is located at coordinates 1 2 3 when vectoring northwest, the ship will navigate to the next sector where you start at coordinates 20 1 3. Then it will immediately proceed to the next sector after that where you start at coordinates 19 20 3.
The same example in standard mode would move the ship from 1 2 3, to 1 1 3, before it navigates to the next sector.
Note that NAVI and GATE will always use standard mode in the first sector where it is started. This is to prevent the ship from navigating back into a sector that you may be attempting to avoid.

Slip Axis Utilization
This option determines which axis NAVI or GATE should prioritize when it needs to decide between the Z axis and the other axes in omnidirectional NAVI mode. In certain situations, NAVI or GATE may still decide to disregard this preference if the distance to gain from choosing another axis is far greater than what could be achieved by using the preferred axis.

SDEM Threshold
This option depends on the Starship Drive Engagement Matrix upgrade. It determines the minimum number of units for NAVI & GATE to engage a rechargeable drive.
For example, if the starship is vectoring west and it is located at coordinates 15 1 1 when subwarp drive finishes recharging, then it will interrupt autopilot and engage subwarp drive if this threshold is set to 14 or less.

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