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Message Boards

Message boards allow a place both in character and out of character to carry on discussions at length without requiring everybody to be online at the same time. They are used by the hosts to communicate important information about new features as well as a place to allow players to submit their feedback and ideas.

There are two ways of accessing the message board.

* The first is in the game. To do this, you will need a message board reader (players all start with one). Once you have your read, type USE BOARD. You will be presented with a series of menus that should be self-explanatory.

* Online through a web browser. To access the web board, navigate to:
Your username for the board is your account name. The password is your account password.

In-Game Message Board Commands:
The following options can be typed almost anywhere the message board is asking for input. So for example, if you're viewing a message that says it's referencing another, you can simply type JUMP <number> to jump to the referenced message rather than going back to the main menu. The following commands will work through the "command line":

SEARCH [category] <terms> - Will execute the search function in category for terms. If you don't specify a category and you're already viewing a category, it will default to searching within the category you are currently viewing. Aliases for this command are: SEARCH, FIND, LOCATE, S, L, F.

JUMP <message> - Executes the jump function and attempts to jump directly to the message specified. Aliases for this command are: JUMP, J, GOTO, GO, G.

OPTIONS - Jumps to the message board options.

In-Game Message Board Quick Navigation:
When viewing a message, you can type a number of commands to accomplish various functions. For example, normally you would see a menu of numbers and options for things like next post and previous post. Well, now, when the board is asking you which number you would like to choose, you can instead type a command. Typing > (greater than) will take you to the next message, >> (two greater than signs) to next in thread, etc. Type HELP when viewing a message to get a full list of functions with their shortcuts. You should type help a few times, since some options won't be available during all messages, so it's good to see what's available.

Also, when viewing a message, you can type SAVE to save it to your Lore computer. The Lore computer must have translink hardware and standard biometric rules apply.

To access a number of useful options (some of these options apply to the web board), type OPTIONS at any prompt or navigate to your main menu and choose the options option.

Set Number of Posts Per Page - This allows you to choose how many posts are displayed on a single page, both on the web board and the in-game board.

Set Notification Options - This allows you to specify how you wish to be notified of new options.

Show Message Preview in Search Results - When searching, you will receive the title of the message as well as a small snippet of the message. This option allows you to disable this preview and only view the result titles.

Invert Web Board Colors - When using the web board, it's normally gray text on a black background. This option causes black text on a white background.

Show Numbers in Web Board Post Titles - When using the web board, this option allows you to see the in-game menu option for the messages that are displayed.

Show Thread Navigation - When enabled, this option allows you to choose "Next in Thread", "Previous in Thread", "Top of Thread", and "End of Thread" in the in-game board.

Mark Unread Messages - When enabled, this option will display an asterisk by any unread messages.

Withhold Message Notifications for 30 Minutes - The default notification behavior of message boards is to instantly notify you of new posts. This can get overwhelming when a large discussion is taking place. If you enable this option, it will suppress these notifications for 30 minutes and then display a single notification informing you that new posts have been made.

Hide Options When Applicable - When enabled, this option will cause the standard options in message view to be hidden. Standard options are Reply, Next, Next in Thread, etc. You can still use the command line shortcuts to access these options.

Show All Messages in Thread (Web Board) - When this option is enabled, you will see the entire thread listed on a single page when you click a topic in the message list on the web board.

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