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map [<zoom> | <destination> | legend | mark | exit | poi | atm | ITPN | all]

Displays a map of the surrounding area. If you have marked a location nearby, it will appear as a red asterisk (*) on the map.

Optional Arguments:
<Zoom> - Specifying a number here will allow you to adjust the size of the map. Valid zoom numbers are 5-65.
<Destination> - Specifying a destination name will attempt to retrieve exact directions from your current location to your destination.
Legend - Toggles the legend on the right side of the map. If you wish to disable the legend, you only need to specify this argument once. This can be appreviated to key if you prefer.
Mark - This will give you specific directions to your marked location if it's nearby. For more information, see HELP MARK.
Exit - Gives you directions to an exit out of a private structure or residence if one can be found.
POI - Presents a list of potential points of interest on a planet. These include various important stores and facilities. It does not, however, detect every single interesting thing on a planet. Exploration is still highly recommended if you don't want to miss good things.
ATM - Provides directions to an ATM if one can be found on the planet or space station.
ITPN - Locates the nearest ITPN station.
all - Shows a list of all the locations that can be found in the area.

>map ship repair
Directions from Acrylon Landing Pad to Acrylon; Salem Ship Repair: north and east.

>map 25
[Displays a size 25 map of the surrounding area.]

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