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Look Command

look [<object name> | for sticky notes | wall | people | powered | droids | objects | unpowered]

The look command allows you to get a view of all the things that are around you. The standard syntax, of course, will show you room and object descriptions. However, the following special arguments are available:

FOR STICKY NOTES: This will present you with a menu of every sticky note in the room, allowing you to easily see what object each note is stuck to and to read the note you actually intended to.
WALL: Displays the objects hanging on the wall in the room (assuming the room has a wall).
PEOPLE: Displays a list of sleeping players in the room with you.
POWERED: Displays a list of powered starships in the room with you.
UNPOWERED: Displays a list of unpowered starships in the room with you.
DROIDS: Displays a list of droids in the area.
OBJECTS: Displays the entire list of miscellaneous objects in the room.

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