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A lift is a room that can be added to player owned houses, space stations, moons, or planets. It is an elevator that one rides to gain access to different levels of a structure. Installation can be requested via the Interstellar Construction Agency on Aquatimis. The following are some things to keep in mind when requesting a lift.

* The lift will require rooms assigned as stops, or landings, along the way. You should build these rooms before requesting the lift installation.

* When you submit your request, include the names of each room you want as landings. If the room has the same name as another room in the structure, be sure to describe any differences, such as exits or differences in room descriptions.

* When requesting a lift, you may have as many as five landings on the lift that is, five stops that the lift can have on its menu. Additional landings can be added, no more than five at a time, with the use of further construction requests.

* To build the different levels of your house or station, you may need to Connect rooms with exits you would rather not keep once the lift is installed. When you submit your request, include which Exits if any you would like removed. These include up or down exits, or other exits which create levels in your house. Please note, lifts can only travel in a vertical manner.

Lift Usage Commands

LIFT This command is used from a lift landing to board the lift, or to call the lift to your current location.

MENU - Once aboard the lift, this calls up a list of landings or destinations where the lift will stop. Type the number that corresponds with your desired destination and press enter.

OUT - This is used to exit the lift.

SECURITY This is used to restrict levels and authorize or deauthorize other players to those restricted levels. (NOTE - The SECURITY command can only be used by owners and is used from inside the lift.)

Happy lifting!

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