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Laser Overdrive Capacitor

The Laser Overdrive Capacitor upgrade allows a starship to supplement its lasers with energy accumulated in a buffer. Energy normally wasted during transit through NAVI is fed back into a buffer where it's stored for later use. Once the buffer is at least 10% full, the starship's lasers will be able to draw energy from it to amplify their firepower. Unfortunately, due to constraints on the technology, the buffer will slowly begin to lose charge when the starship is not utilizing the NAVI program. However, the rate of loss is slow enough that there is more than enough time to engage in a battle should the extra power be required.

As you fly your ship using NAVI, a capacitor will slowly be filled with energy. As soon as you stop, the capacitor will stop gaining energy and start to slowly bleed energy. The rate at which is bleeds energy is slow enough that stopping to engage in a battle will not deplete the capacitor in the near future. Firing your weapons, however, will. When you have at least 10% of your capacitor filled (you can check with the CHARGE command), your lasers will be able to utilize that energy to do more damage. Once you drop below 10%, your lasers will return to standard damage levels. You can check how much damage your lasers are doing with the WEAPONS FULL command.

No, really... what? You just repeated what the introduction said in different words.
1.) Fly your ship using NAVI as you normally would.
2.) Ready to hurt something? Check your CHARGE. Make sure your capacitor is at least 10% full.
3.) Fire lasers and marvel at their increased power.
4.) Not flying? Keep checking CHARGE. You're losing your advantage slowly but quite surely.

CHARGE - View the amount of energy stored in your capacitor.
WEAPONS FULL - View the amount of damage your weapons will do when supplemented by the additional energy.
LAS - Fire your lasers. They will automatically utilize the power in the capacitor until it's depleted.

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