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Intruders are, as I'm sure you know, individuals who are in a place that they shouldn't be. Pirates aboard your starship, perhaps. People can be marked as intruders in your ship for many reasons, including:

- Being salvaged.
- Cracking the hatch.
- Attempting to cut a blast door with a cutting torch.
- Entering through a cracked hatch.
- Getting booted into the docking bay of another ship without a key.

Fortunately, there are tools at your disposal to deal with such threats.

The first thing you should do is read the relevant section of the defense handbook. You can type DEFENSE to see all sections, but we're particularly interested in section 2. This will give you a good overview of what to do.

When you have security drones set to guard mode, they will fire on intruders as they walk around.

Internal stun turrets can be used to manually engage intruders. (See HELP INTERNAL STUN TURRETS)

Purple alert. This is an alert status, like RED or GREEN, that indicates an intruder alert. Your ship's computer will work in conjunction with any guarding security drones to track the movements of intruders. This isn't real-time information, though. It only happens during alert cycles. It can be useful, however, for monitoring a situation or for roleplay flavor. It engages automatically when the first intruder is detected, but you can manually engage it with the PURPLE command.

Finally, the INTRUDER command will allow you to mark everybody on board as being authorized to be there. Anybody who was formerly marked as an intruder will be unmarked.

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