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Intraship Quick Messaging Network

The Intraship Quick Messaging Network (IQMN) is an add-on for the RAVEN system that allows those aboard the ship to send and receive very short messages to one another. The system operates entirely by voice, so privacy is not guaranteed if somebody happens to be in the same room. To get started, you must first purchase a RAVEN upgrade and summon it to the room with the RAVEN command. The computer will then accept a variety of voice commands to facilitate the sending and receiving of messages. These commands are outlined below:

Check my messages.
This will alert you if you have any pending messages.

Read my messages.
This will read every pending message to you at once.

Read my messages from <person>.
This will read every message you have received from <person>.

Read my next message. (or just next message)
This will read the next pending message.

Compose a message to <person>.
This will compose a new short message to be delivered to <person>.

It's worth reiterating that these commands are INTRASHIP, so they will not allow the sending of messages to other ships. You can only leave messages for a person on the ship you're currently in. This does not, however, mean that you can't leave messages for people who aren't on the ship at the time. You can leave a message for any player on your ship and they can check it the next time they're on board. Also worth noting is that the IQMN is a separate upgrade to the RAVEN system. You will require both a RAVEN upgrade AND an IQMN upgrade.

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