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Internal Stun Turrets

Internal stun turrets are devices that can be bolted in any room of a starship (except ducts) for defensive purposes.

Simply type BOLT TURRET to bolt the internal stun turret in the room you're standing in. If you own the location that the turret is in, you can type ENTITLE TURRET to give a name to the camera feed that you receive in the control room. Normally it's the name of the room the turret is in.

From the control room, you can use the following commands:

TUR ON/OFF - Activates or deactivates the turret camera system. Note than when this is set to off, NO CAMERAS will function, regardless of their on/off status.
TUR - Shows a menu of installed turrets. Choosing an option from this menu allows you to then choose who in that room to fire on.
TUR <NUMBER> - Allows you to access a turret if you know its number in the list. You will then be presented with a list of targets in the room to stun.
TUR <NAME> - Allows you to access a turret based on the name of the room its in. You will then be presented with a list of targets in the room to stun.
TUR CAM - Displays the status of the cameras and lets you choose one to enable/disable.
TUR CAM <room name> - Toggles the camera in <room name>.
TUR CONDENSE - Configures the cameras to condense and combine followers on the cameras. This mirrors the ROOM-OPTION available to players.
TUR CONFIG - Configures internal turret profiles.

ENTITLE <turret> - Change the text that is prefixed by the internal turret's camera.

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