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info [achievements | assists | connected | rank | ships | worth | courier | kills | points | hauls | debris | mining | archaeology | certificates | donator | tradesman | history | help]

Displays various pieces of information about your character, some of which are out of character. Typing info with no arguments will display a summary of your character/account information.

achievements: Displays Praelor kills, debris salvaged, asteroids hauled, artifacts found, mining drones filled, archaeological artifacts dug up, fish caught, and birds salvaged.
assists: Displays the number of times you've assisted.
connected: Displays the total amount of time you've spent connected.
rank: Displays your player rank.
ships: Displays a list of your ships.
worth: Displays your net worth.
courier: Displays information about your job with your courier company. More information can be found by typing COURIER.
kills: Displays how many Praelor kills you have.
points: Similar to achievements, displays debris, asteroid hauls, artifact finds, and mining drones filled.
hauls: Displays how many asteroids you've hauled.
debris: Displays how much debris you have salvaged.
mining: Displays how many mining drones you've filled.
archaeology: Displays how many archaeological artifacts you've dug up.
certificates: Displays how many, if any, tradesman certificates you have.
donator: Displays your current donator status.
tradesman: Display a list of items you own that are flagged as tradesman items.
history: Display a list of all of your previous characters, when they were created, and when they died.
help: Displays an argument listing.

info rank
info debris
info assists

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