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Handheld Electronics Manufacturing Facility

The handheld electronics manufacturing facility allows you to create handheld objects from raw materials mined on asteroids. These facilities can be expanded via materials chips, each of which contains information on a final product as well as the requirements for building it.

INSTALL [chip] INTO [facility] - Loads a materials chip into the facility.
UNINSTALL [facility] - Remove a materials chip from the facility. The queue must be empty and the facility inactive before a chip can be removed.
USE [facility] - Access a menu of commands for the facility.
UNLOAD [facility] - Retrieve the objects that have been created by the facility. You can either remove them one at a time or all at once in a convenient carrying bin.

Selling Objects
Objects created in the electronics manufacturing facility can be sold in private upgrade stores, much the same way as starship upgrades. To load a container full of objects into the store, you simply DUMP it while in the store and the machinery will do the sorting from there.

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