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Game-wide events are generally times when a large number of players are together in a single place. In order to minimize spam and ensure that everybody gets a chance to hear and see everything important that's going on, we offer the following tips:

* Cut back on the excessive use of socials. Say there are 63 people in the same room and a host-played character asks for everybody's attention. It is absolutely not necessary for all 63 people to type "listen <character>". It's infinitely more helpful to just remain quiet. The same can be said for socials that show respect, such as saluting.

* There is no need to eat or drink, unless you're at a party. Most IC events do not require food and drink and are, in fact, worsened by these actions.

* Save arguments with other players for private links or for a later time. Most players in the room are there to participate in the special event, not to listen to the squabbles of others.

* Still don't use socials. I know, I already mentioned it, but it's worth mentioning again. Hugging everybody you see isn't really necessary. They know you love them and it just causes unnecessary spam.

* If you feel you must change your clothes, please do so in your ship.

* Leave your pets, robots, and gadget bots behind. Droids and drones may be necessary for the event, but pets and food robots are almost certainly not needed and just create massive amounts of spam when you move around. Please be courteous and leave these items in your ship until the event is over.

In order to make the event more enjoyable and less spammy, the following commands may be helpful:

* GAG-OPTIONS - There are many options here for gagging spam that you may not wish to see.

* OPTIONS 15 - This will ensure that you don't see people whispering to each other or speaking into their communicators.

Thank you for heeding these tips and helping to make events more enjoyable for all! And remember: Just Say No To Socials!

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