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(Note this is taken from HELP COMBAT. You should check there for the most recent information.)

This command displays a damage report, telling you which components are damaged and how badly damaged they are. This command can only be accessed from the engineering room. In ships with only a control room and a weapons room, the damage report is accessed from the weapons room only. If your ship has neither, then the damage report can be accessed from the control room. Typing ETA will allow you to see the estimated time remaining on a component repair.

The damage command accepts the following arguments:
DAMAGE - Regular damage listing, as I'm sure you're aware.
DAMAGE CRITICAL - Displays only critically damaged components.
DAMAGE MODERATE - Displays moderately damage components.
DAMAGE CANNONS - Displays only damage to cannons.
DAMAGE TURRETS - Displays only damage to turrets.
DAMAGE OTHER - Displays other components, which should mostly be hull, armor, sensors, etc.

This command deploys the ship's repair systems. You must specify a component to be repaired (for example, REPAIR HULL). In the case of cannons and laser turrets, you can either REPAIR CANNON (or indeed, REPAIR TURRET) and you will be prompted for the number of the turret or cannon you wish to repair, or you can specify the full component name, such as REPAIR CANNON 2. Additionally, matching components to repair is similar to matching objects in a room. You can REPAIR OTHER CANNON, REPAIR 3RD CANNON, REPAIR CAN, etc. The repair command can only be issued in the engineering room, with some exceptions (see above, or the Ship Commands guide)

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