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There are two methods for docking:

Docking through the docking ring:
This is the most common method of docking and available on nearly any starship. When you get within one unit of another ship, you can type DOCK to begin the docking procedure. Once complete, your ships will be connected via a docking ring, which will allow you to walk out your airlock and into theirs, should you have a key or should the hatch be unlocked or broken. Being docked also allows you to TRANSFER both debris and power (if you have a charge transfer coupling upgrade installed).

Docking in another ship's docking bay:
When you're within one unit of another ship and it has a docking bay, typing DOCK will ask you which method you would like to use. Choosing to dock in the ship's docking bay means that your ship will essentially land in the other ship. Exiting your ship will mean exiting in the other ship's docking bay. For this reason, it is recommended that you only allow trusted individuals into your ship's docking bay.

Docking and Undocking While Landed:
Select spaceports will assist you in docking and undocking ships from your docking bay while landed. To expel a ship from your docking bay, type: SHIP-EXPEL

Conversely, to load a ship into your docking bay, type: SHIP-DOCK

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