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damage [critical | moderate | light | destroyed | cannons | turrets | drives | pulse | other | average]

Displays a listing of components in your starship along with their level of damage. If a component has a second percentage beside it in parenthesis, it indicates that that component has lost structural integrity. When this happens, the component will be able to withstand less damage than usual. For instance, if your damage readout says "Sensors: 5% (10%)" that means that your sensors can withstand 10% less damage than usual and that they are currently 5% damaged. The ship's drones can't repair this problem and it must be brought in to an appropriately equipped spaceport for more extensive repairs.

Optional Arguments:
Critical - Displays only components that are 80% damaged or more.
Moderate - Displays only components that are between 25% and 80% damaged.
Light - Displays only components that are less than 25% damaged.
Destroyed - Displays only components that have been completely destroyed.
Cannons - Displays only cannons in the damage report.
Turrets - Displays only laser turrets in the damage report.
Pulse - Displays only pulse weapons.
Drives - Displays only drives (subwarp, slip, wormhole drive, etc) in the damage report.
Other - Displays only other components, such as hull, armor (if equipped), and sensors.
Average - Displays the average damage of all components.

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