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Miriani would not be what it is today without the work of Squidsoft on their game Star Conquest.

When the original Star Conquest (now known as Star Conquest Classic) was shut down several years ago, I developed Miriani as a stand-in replacement for that game. There were no signs at the time that Squidsoft intended to return to the MOO scene, so I took it upon myself to recreate a game I loved with my own vision and implementation. When Star Conquest returned in the form of Star Conquest: Catalyst, I felt Miriani had evolved enough and established a rich enough player base that it would not be fair to them to shut it down for an alternative that may not last any longer than its previous incarnations, which were known to be up and down and subject to random player wipes and administrative tangents. I felt (and still feel) that players deserve a stable playing experience and thus have continued to operate Miriani.

This document serves to fully credit Jason McDevitt, Derek, Robin Hughes, Gordon, and associated staff, the names of which I do not actually know, of for their work in the development and deployment of the MOO game Star Conquest [Classic]. Much of the original design for Miriani when it was created comes from that game.

All of the code in Miriani is 100% original, with the following exceptions:
* LambdaCore, which contains the basic framework and utility code developed for LambdaMOO (See
* The basic skeleton waif, developed by Ben Jackson (See
* ANSI options and parsing, developed by Don Schwarz (See
* MCP, developed for JHCore by Ken Fox(?) (See
* VMoo MCP Extensions, developed by Bert Huijben (See
* Lore Computers, developed by Joshua May for the original Star Conquest and shared freely. [This does NOT include: shopping guide, news program, upgrade estimator, camera, bounty program, memo search, obfuscator, faceplates, or purchase pinpointer.]

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