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Communicator Rules

General Channel - This channel is to be used for official starship piloting business ONLY. This is a professional channel and is highly regulated and monitored. You use it to talk about Praelor invasions, coordinate tactical operations, discuss combat missions on Rolukssica, talk about salvaging/debris, ask about star types, discuss the news, discuss wormholes, talk about the newest faction to appear in human space, discuss human space, talk about mining, ask questions about starships, etc. Things that actually have something to do with starships and piloting. It is NOT the place to discuss sex, drugs, insult other pilots, threaten other pilots, tell stories unrelated to piloting activities, talk about getting drunk, or any other topic that would be unacceptable in the context of a professional discussion. Requesting meetings with other pilots is acceptable on this channel. Imagine this channel as the office you work in. You want to be professional, courteous, and on topic to avoid getting fired. This channel is entirely in character.

Chatter Channel - This is the channel you use to discuss anything in character that you'd like to discuss with your fellow pilots. This channel DOES allow you to swear at or insult other characters. Use this channel as if you were speaking with a friend in the room. Do not use this channel to discuss anything that is of a graphic sexual nature, especially in the cases of implied rape. Do not use this channel to discuss masturbation. Feel free to insult, annoy, and hurt other people, but try to do it in a manner that you would reasonably hear in a public conversation.

Courier Channel - Since you actually work for the courier company, it's expected that your conduct on these channels be completely professional. It's not a place to discuss anything but matters of business pertaining to the courier company. If you have personal matters to discuss, there are many other channels for that. Your employer may choose to remove you from the channel with no warning if you abuse their frequency. This channel is entirely in character.

Alliance Channels - These channels are to be used to speak to people in your alliance. These channels are all entirely in character. Please be professional on this channel: do not insult or swear at people on this channel. You may discuss any in character topics you'd like, but you must remain polite, professional, and considerate.

These are the channels within your alliance:
Channel 1: General communication pertaining to your alliance of events occurring within your alliance.

Channel 2: Trading - This channel is to be used to request or offer goods for trade. It is also to be used to discuss trading routes and events that may arise, such as a planetary disaster that destroys a planet's main export.

Channel 3: Distress - During times of personal emergency, this channel can be used to communicate that emergency to your alliance for assistance.

Channel 4: Exploration - This channel is to be used for the discussion of exploration, including alien artifacts or territory that you may discover.

Channel 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, etc - These channels are unused and should be used, if necessary, in the same manner as channel 1.

Short-range - These frequencies are to be used for contact locally within a sector when physical contact is impossible. Primarily intended for individuals exploring outside of communications range, short-range frequencies can also be used for quick sector-wide communication.. In populated sectors, one should assume the rules for the short-range frequencies are the same as those of the chatter channel. Please still refrain from topics of a graphic sexual nature on this channel. Short range channels in uncharted space are not monitored; you may discuss any topic you'd like, as long as everyone who can hear you is comfortable with it. (If someone tells you to behave in character, please respect their wishes.)

Private Organization Channel - This channel is for use by members of the private organization that you're a member of. The only rule governing this channel is that it must be in-character at all times. Otherwise, the only constraints are pre-programmed filters that apply to all channels.

Starship communication relays - This channel is to be used to discuss in-character issues, including issues that pertain to the starship, its crew, and its mission. It's not to be used as an out of character chat channel.

Starship long-range communication band - This frequency is to be used to discuss in character matters with other starships within a certain radius, such as coordinating with one another or general IC chatter. It is not an out of character chat channel.

Rules of Conduct:
1.) Use each channel according to the guide above. Discussion of sex, drugs, intimate encounters, and things of a more mature nature are NOT ACCEPTABLE on public channels. These are private topics that should be discussed in private.
2.) Do not discuss rape, torture, substance abuse, racial slurs/insults, religious slurs/insults, your reproductive organs, the reproductive organs of others, or any other socially dubious topic on any public communication channel. Socially dubious topics do not include swearing.
3.) Obey all instructions given to you by the communication monitor on duty. This includes dropping topics that have been deemed inappropriate for that channel.
4.) Do not spam any channels, even ones such as uncharted short range channels. Your communicator will be temporarily turned off.

Possible Punishments for Violating Code of Conduct (unless otherwise stated):
First violation: Verbal warning from a communication monitor.
Second violation: Being removed from the channel in question.
Third violation: Being removed from the entire communication network for 24 hours.
Further violations: A period of time deemed appropriate by the communication monitor based on past actions and the severity of the last comment.

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