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Combat Missions

Combat missions are one of the many sources of income and points in Miriani. They also have the unique distinction of being the primary means of gaining combat points, which are necessary to obtain a number of starship upgrades. The goal of a combat mission is to destroy enemy starships before they can successfully launch campaigns against humanity.

1. Obtain a starship. (You must own the starship in order to assign a mission to it.)
2. Fly to Rolukssica in sector 12. Land at High Guard Command.
3. Make your way to the Mission Nexus. When there, you can go to different mission assignment rooms.
4. In a mission assignment room, type MENU. You can learn about the classes of enemy starships you'll be fighting, as well as assign the mission itself.
5. Once the mission is assigned, go back to your starship and launch. Go through the mission jumpgate and complete the objective given to you in the briefing.
6. When you have completed your mission objective, go back through the jumpgate. Land back on Rolukssica and you're done!

It is worth noting that training missions are available for pilots who lack the combat points to buy a strong warship. These missions have less resistance than the easy combat missions and are a good way to obtain the starting points for a more powerful ship.

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