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Combat Mission Notification Service

The combat mission notification service is an automated system designed to alert interested parties of upcoming combat missions.

Setting it Up
To begin using the service, you must establish a private communication link with it. You will first need to obtain a full communicator (see HELP COMMUNICATORS for more information). To establish the link, type: TR LINK MISSION. Once the link is established, you will be able to issue verbal commands to the service to change settings and get more information. To do that, you simply type: TR MISSION <command>

Verbal Commands
You may transmit the following verbal commands:

AUTO - Toggles automatic announcement of missions that you assign.
ANNOUNCE (send, go, notify, or simply transmit static) - Announces a combat mission for the ship you're currently in.
LIST (missions, dir) - Lists pending combat missions.
HELP - Displays up-to-date command help.

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