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During the month of December, Miriani introduces a number of festive holiday elements. This help file will help familiarize you with those elements and various commands that will help you along the way.

Santa Claus
During the month of December, you may encounter the one-person space sleigh "Santa Claus is Coming to Space" in space. While it may seem like fantasy, there is a perfectly logical explanation. An alien of unknown origin has adopted the Santa Claus persona. He flies around known space presenting presents to good boys and girls. He's even been known to repair minor starship damage!

One of the gifts Santa may give you is a box. Not just any box...

Santa Boxes
Santa boxes are festive versions of sabotage devices (see HELP SABOTAGE). They have varying cosmetic effects on your starship's systems. They don't confer any advantages or disadvantages to gameplay, they just change how something appears.

To install or uninstall a Santa box, do the following:

2.) USE <box>

If you have a lot of Santa boxes installed in one place, you can use the SANTABOX command. This will present a menu of installed boxes in the room and allow you to remove one.

Naughty List
Players who abuse Santa will end up on the naughty list. Typically any command that causes physical or emotional harm to Santa will give him cause to place you on the naughty list. This includes shooting his ship, attempting to stun him, or violent commands. Such commands include, but are not limited to: kick, punch, slap, bash, beat, bonk, flick, headbutt, push, shove, stomp, smack, spank, insult, suckerpunch, or doubleshove.

If you find yourself on the naughty list, you'll find Santa is less than jolly. His random gift to you could be exploding coal. You will also be exempt from receiving special gifts from the hosts during the month, including robotics lab designs (see below).

Once on the naughty list, you cannot be removed. You simply have to wait until next year.

You can check if you're on the naughty list with the AMINAUGHTY command.

Tradesman Gifts
Empanda Station has a number of robotics labs that will allow you to design custom tradesman items. Normally these labs are restricted to donators (see HELP DONATING), but during the month of December anybody can use the labs and request that Santa grant their request.

Some years, depending on outside influences, the hosts will also allow all players to request custom tradesman items with verbs. This is an enormous undertaking, however, and may not happen every year. When it does, however, you can submit your request by mailing a letter to Santa Claus (see HELP MAIL).

Useful Commands
BOX: Quickly gather up all of your holiday decorations in the room at once and put them in a container. You must be holding a container.
SCROOGE: Opt out of holiday shenanigans. You will not be visited by Santa, nor will you be able to request a custom gift. You will also be excluded from any parties or other activities.
SANTABOX: Easily uninstall Santa boxes from the room from a convenient menu.
AMINAUGHTY: Inform you whether you're on the naughty list.
XMAS: Another way to check to see if you're on Santa's naughty list. Also shows if you've SCROOGEd yourself, in case you've forgotten and are wondering why you're not getting presents.

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