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Blast Door Tripwires

Tripwires, although technologically dissimilar to their name, do what you might expect: When a blast door begins to get compromised, they will be activated and trigger an alert.

You're able to purchase a single tripwire per door and, BE WARNED, the only way to remove one is to remove the entire door. So choose very carefully. There are, as of writing, three styles of tripwire to choose from:

Basic: Initiates an intruder alert, notifying the entire ship of danger and flagging the person as an intruder.
Communicative: Pings the communicator of whoever bought it, notifying only the owner of danger.
Advanced: Both initiates an intruder alert and pings the communicator of whoever bought it, notifying both of danger.

Tripwires only need to be purchased once per door. Repairing doors does not affect them. If you remove a door, you also remove any tripwires. They are activated immediately upon the blast door being cut into.

NOTE: If the person cutting the door has a key to the ship, they will NOT be flagged as an intruder. However, intruder alert will still be triggered to notify the ship that something is afoot.

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