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Beta Channel

Syntax: BETA <message | on | off | help>

The beta channel is a strictly out of character channel that is utilized to discuss upcoming game changes or balancing. It is not a place for hellos, speaking about IC events, or circumventing regular communicators. Before using the beta channel for the first time, you will be required to acknowledge this, and will subsequently receive three further warnings to make absolutely certain you understand the limitations of this channel and why it is here. Furthermore, you cannot initiate a discussion if a host hasn't spoken recently. This hard restriction is in place to prevent flagrant misuse while staff may not be available. Not reading the rules below and the warnings provided is not an excuse for misuse.

To peruse past beta conversations, you can use the @BETA-LOGS command or point your web browser to If you wish to speak anonymously, type @BETA-MASK. Other commands can be listed by using the HELP argument with the BETA command.

* Do not use this channel as an IC vector to communicate from out of communications range.
* Do not ask questions that would yield IC information that your character would otherwise not know. For example, if you hear people discussing a ship that wasn't available when you were last in communications range, it is probably best to not involve yourself since your character wouldn't know about the new ship.
* Do not abuse anonymity to manipulate a conversation in your favor. This covers talking to your anonymous self to make it appear an idea might be favorable, or proposing an idea and then turning on your beta mask to agree with yourself.
* To prevent spam, try to refrain from short answers such as "That's cool" or "I like it". Since many players may be connected to the beta channel at one given time, excessive messages of people agreeing will only serve to annoy. The only exception to this rule is if someone specifically asks for agreement or disagreement.
* Do not use the beta channel to report bugs or ask for a host. If you encounter a bug, use the REPORT-command. If you require a host's attention, use the ASSIST-command. The only exception to this is if a host asks for information on a bug.

Violation of any of the rules above will result in a harsh warning and then permanent removal from the channel. We are extremely serious about abuse of this channel, as its OOC nature can serve to shatter IC immersion.

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