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BEACONS [distance | range | nearby | nearest | radius | by <number, name, distance, or direction> | measure]

The beacons command with no arguments will allow you to see sectors, what direction the sectors are from you, how far away the sectors are, and what the coordinates of that sector are.

Beacons distance will allow you to input two sets of galactic coordinates to get the distance between them.

Beacons range will sort the beacons by distance from your ship.

Beacons nearby will tell you the closest sector to your current position.

Beacons nearest will allow you to specify a set of galactic coordinates and the ship will tell you which numbered sector is closest to those coordinates.

Beacons radius will search for beacons within a certain number of lightyears around the ship.

Beacons by will let you sort the list of beacons by sector number, sector name, distance, direction, coords x, coords y, or coords z.

Beacons measure will measure the current range of the long-range communication beacons.

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