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Bardenium refinery

Bardenium refineries allow you to take raw, unrefined bardenium and create weapons-grade bardenium for use in starships.

1.) Deploy the refinery on an asteroid.
2.) Attach either a miner that's currently mining bardenium OR a storage tower that contains unrefined bardenium.
3.) Attach an empty storage tower.
4.) USE the refinery to select the bardenium type that you'd like to refine. Note that the higher the quality, the slower the process will be.

You can monitor the status of the refining by typing STATUS REFINER.

Transferring the finished product
Simply attach the storage tower containing the refined bardenium to your asteroid rover and TRANSFER in the control room. Once the transfer is complete, detach the tube from the rover, dock in your ship, and TRANSFER again. When you select the bardenium, it will be moved into your ship's bardenium storage box.

Frequently asked questions
Q: Can I transfer the bardenium to another ship?
A: Yes. To transfer bardenium to another ship you may transfer the bardenium refined from a rover into the ship's storage, or into the ship's storage box. Once that has been done, you can either decide to transfer bardenium through a bardenium conduit, which will effectively transfer ammunition between ships, or transfer the raw bardenium between storages. You can additionally also load the refined bardenium in a private bardenium rearm shed, if you own one.

Q: What is a bardenium queue?
A: When your refinery is attached to a miner, it will act as a small storage tower. The queue is the amount of bardenium being stored in the refinery that it can refine into weapons-grade bardenium.
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