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Auction Recipient

The Auction Recipient is a private link recipient that facilitates the purchase of goods via bidding.


For complete usage instructions, link with the recipient and then transmit HELP. e.g. tr auction help

If there is an asterisk in the E column of TR AUCTION LIST, that means the funds for that auction will be held in escrow. When you make a bid, the amount of your bid will be removed from your credit account. If somebody outbids you, your funds will be returned to you.

First, by placing a bid, you are agreeing to pay that amount of money for the object in question no matter what. If the auction is not held in escrow, this means that, should somebody outbid you, you could still be the winner of the auction if they fail to pay. Be absolutely certain you want to bid before you do so.

Second, on auctions not held in escrow, make sure that you keep the amount of credits that you bid on hand. When the auction ends, the credits will be automatically deducted from your credit account. If you don't have enough on hand, you will lose the auction and the winner will be the person with the next highest bid.

Third, the bidding time can be variable. That is to say if somebody bids on an auction in the last ten seconds, the auction's time will be extended by five seconds. This gives everybody the opportunity to engage in fierce bidding wars without worrying about game lag or other unfortunate circumstances.

Finally, if you're bidding on a property, you must have the correct amount of points or you won't be allowed to bid. Similarly, you're unable to bid on a property that you owned as a previous character, as this is disruptive to roleplay.

Selling Your Items
If you have an old property (house, private space station, private moon, private planet) or tradesman item, you can auction it off to the highest bidder. You'll need to find an auction terminal (Pax has a lovely one) and, if applicable, the item to auction. Access the MENU in the terminal and follow the prompts.

You're not able to auction off children, as that's incredibly creepy and morally dubious, but most tradesman items will allow you to auction them provided they're in the room with you or somewhere in your inventory. There's no need to remove them from bags beforehand, that action is implied in the auctioning process.

After successfully listing your item, tradesman items will be taken away from you and held until the auction is over. If the item doesn't sell, it will be mailed back to you.

At the completion of the auction, the final bid will be automatically deposited into the seller's credit account.

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