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Asteroid Rover

Asteroid rovers are large vehicles that are used to ferry equipment from a starship to various point on an asteroid's surface. Due to the size of the vehicle, it requires a vehicle docking bay to house it, along with a ramp if you wish to dock it back in your ship when you're done using it.

Launch - Launches the vehicle from the vehicle bay. If you have a ramp, you can safely travel down to the asteroid surface. If not, your starship will utilize the vehicle catapult and hurl you out the side of the ship and onto the asteroid surface. That could result in injury!

Dock - Returns the rover to a vehicle bay. You must have a key to the ship that you wish to dock with. If multiple options are available, you will be prompted to choose one.

Charge - Displays how much power your vehicle has remaining. See the section on recharging below for more information on keeping your vehicle powered.

Nav - Displays your current coordinates, which can also be obtained by typing LOOK. Also, if a powered landing beacon is found, it will display the coordinates of your landing site.

Cargo - Displays what minerals or equipment you have loaded and how much more you can store.

Deploy [item] - Sets up [item] on the asteroid surface. You can specify an item name in the command or just type DEPLOY to get a list.

Retrieve - Removes an item from the surface and places it back into the rover cargo area.

Repair - Repairs a damaged drill bit or antenna.

Transfer - Transfers cargo from a storage tower to the vehicle, from the vehicle to a ship, or from a ship to the vehicle.

Abort - Abort an active cargo transfer.

Frequency - Automatically sets the frequency of any communication towers deployed by the vehicle. The frequency is important for ensuring the privacy of your reports.

Map [all] - The standard MAP command can be used inside the rover to view the asteroid's surface. If you specify the all argument, the entire asteroid will be mapped instead of the immediate area.

Out - Exits the vehicle.

Vehicle Charge:
Like almost every other vehicle in the game, asteroid rovers require power to continue operating. They can get powered in one of three ways:

1.) The first is through a starship. By docking in a vehicle docking bay, your rover will receive a full battery of power.

2.) Asteroid rovers also conveniently have a cardenium generators interface. Simply LINK (or ATTACH) them to a generator and wait for it to accumulate charge.

3.) A good old charge booster! USE a booster in the control center for a quick boost to allow you to dock or reach a generator.

The FREQUENCY command is extremely important. It establishes the base frequency that all of your equipment will operate on. Every time you DEPLOY a piece of equipment, your rover will set that equipment's frequency to whatever you set with the FREQUENCY command. Make sure you set it before deploying.

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