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Application Response Coding

When in-game applications are reviewed, they will be coded with a response and sent back to the applicant to make them aware of the result. Sometimes the result may come in the form of an acceptance letter but other times you may receive a rejection letter with a specific reason code. Those codes are listed below:

Response Codes
A: Unprofessional. The application may have been sloppy, unreadable, or contain too many spelling and grammar mistakes.
B: Questionable Service Record. Your past offenses have overshadowed your merits. You may have lost starship rights in the past, lost communication rights, violated treaties, jumped alliances multiple times, committed wartime crimes, shown a disrespect for authority or rules, or any combination of the above.
C: Plagiarism. You copied your application or a portion of it from another pilot's application.
D: Suspected Falsification. Your answers to one or more questions were suspect and/or deliberately falsified.
E: Indirect Answers. One or more answer on your application does not have enough detail.
F: Incomplete Application. One or more answer on your application may be missing.

In addition, you may receive a response coded with a number. If this is the case, the coded number will correspond to a question number on your application. This means your response to that question was either blatantly incorrect or not representative of the responses expected.

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