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Alternative Manual Navigation

The alternative manual navigation option allows you to use WASD (and friends) to navigate your starship rather than using the numeric keyboard (or number row). This is beneficial to laptop users or those who are more familiar with WASD-style games. The following commands are available:

W: Navigates north. (8)
A: Navigates west. (4)
S: Navigates south. (2)
D: Navigates east. (6)
Q: Navigates northwest. (7)
E: Navigates northeast. (9)
Z: Navigates southwest. (1)
X (or C): Navigates southeast. (3)
R: Navigates up. (+)
F: Navigates down. (-)
V: Maintain current position. (5)

You may notice that some of these options conflict with existing commands. For this reason, the use of alternative manual navigation commands has been made an option that can be enabled or disabled. To make use of them, type SHIP-OPTIONS and choose the option to enable the alternatives. You can still type out the full command name to access it with the option enabled. The list below demonstrates how to enable the option and also access the existing commands:

W: We
A: Act
S: So
D: Do
E: Ea
R: Raven

Additionally, the V command can be used as a shortcut for the COORDS command when not in a Z-axis prompt.

You can also disable the option at any time to resume using the shortcut keys. To quickly toggle it on or off, use the ALTNAV command.

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